Recipe -Hayashi Rice-

Today,I introduce recipe of Hayashi rice.I prefer it to curry rice(one of the most popular dish in Japan).
Although this is not a traditional Japanese food,it's a dish of Japanese origin.

Ingredients:Sliced beef,onion,few mushrooms,tomato,butter,can of demiglace sauce and red wine
-sour cream-fresh cream and yogurt

1,Put red wine in flying pan over high heat,make flame and  evaporate alcohol.

2,Add can of demiglace sauce and cut tomato into (1)

3,Mash tomato with a potato masher.

4,Season with ketchup and tonkastu sauce.
(Sorry maybe it's difficult to buy another country...)
If you can't find the tonkatsu sauce,you use worcester sauce as a substitute for it.

5,Put butter into another pot over high heat until melted,
and fry sliced beef,onion and mushroom.

6,Add (5) into (4),and mix.Boil them for few minutes.

7,Make sour cream:Drain the water of yogurt for 30 minutes in a cool refrigerator.
   Then add fresh cream,and mix them.

8,The sauce on rice with sour cream.Finish!

Next day,I ate it with scrambled egg.
Better taste,but high-calorie....:/
Both were great:)

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