My trip report -Nikko-

The other day,middle of my short summer vacation,I went to a national park of Nikko.The place I went was not famous area of Nikko,so I didn't see any monkeys and waterfalls.
I hiked around "battlefield".That is just name,actually nobody fought there.

According to traditional story,It is said that once upon a time,a dragon fought against centipede there.
Both of them were Gods of mountains who transformed as another creatures.

Although I think the winer was of course a dragon.....


  1. Wow! Really beautiful park. I am very pleased That we have answered the legend.

    You'll have to visit some historical sites? Castles, Museums, Temples?

    Recently I wrote about the development of the National Museum in Tokyo. I found information on Ceramic Dish who came from "Jomon" period 3000-2000 B.C.

    1. Thank you for your comment and nice to meet you:)

      My next trip was Osaka(the biggest city in west pf Japan).I've already posted about it:D
      But I didn't go to a castle there:/ I just enjoyed towns and eating nice food.

      Oh,Jomon period!I studied about it long time ago...I have to learn Japanese history again.haha
      Around my living place,there are a lot of temples and shrines.I'll write about them on my blog next time:)