Various kinds of Ramen

Japanese people love noodle.At least, I love them.
There are many kinds of noodle,for example Udon(wheat noodle),Soba(buckwheat noodle),Somen(this),Remen(it came from Korea:this) and today's topic,Ramen.

I thought Ramen came from China,but I couldn't find it when I checked it in English dictionary.
So I will be able to get through to say "Ramen" in America?(Really?)
It was funny that I got "coke" even though I said "coffee" at that time,when I visited America first time.
I have to practice my poor pronunciation:/

Anyway,what kind of Ramen do you have?
Basically there are 4 tastes of it,Sho-yu aji(soy sauce),Miso aji(bean paste soup),Shio aji(salt soup) and Ton-kotsu aji(pork soup).
Recently Ton-kotsu type is very popular,called "Doro-kei".
The soup isn't like liquid,it's like clay(doro in Japanese).It's nice naming,isn't it?

The other day,I ate Tsuke-men(here).With this style,soup and noodle are separated.
The soup is strong taste,so before bring the noodle to your mouth,you should dip it into the soup.
After eating the noodle,add a few of weak soup to the strong soup,then drink up it.

And 23th March,it was national holiday called Shunbun no hi.
I went to Ginza and had a Chinese lunch.
**I already updated photos last article**
I ordered noodle,then realized it's different from Japanese one.

Our Ramen is like kind of fast food.We can eat it in a short time with cheap price.
Almost the shops are not clean,but they have a lot of spark(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
An night,I ate "Ramen".Yes,I ate only noodles that day.

Experience this Japanese Ramen culture:D
And don't forget after finishing it,you should leave the shop as soon as possible.

See you//


National holiday@Ginza

Today,3/20 was crowded in Ginza.
There are sooo many fashion shops in this town.
The main street is free of vehicle in weekends and special day like today.

I couldn't go to a restaurant I wanted to because of too many people.
I can't wait for an hour just having lunch:/
Finally,I had Chinese noodle both lunch and dinner.
And I realized Ramen is original food culture in Japan.
Next,I'll write about it:)

See you//



The street I often go is called Naka-dori.
It's among a business town,called Marunouchi,near the Tokyo st.
There are many fashionable shops and restaurants.
And also this is high bland street.It's not so big one like Ginza though...
There are Tiffany,Burberry and Hermès.
Plus there are nice fashionable shops from Japan.
The popular shops:Tomorrowland,IENA,martinique and for men:Edifice
I often go these fashion buildings,Marunochi Building and Shin-Marunouchi Building.
The two buildings have clothes/shoes/accessories  shops and restaurants/cafes/drinking spots.
I always go to Spick and Span,Odette é Odile.If you are a woman,you will be able to find nice clothes and shoes there:)
And we can directly connect to Tokyo station under the ground from these buildings.
So yo can go there without losing your way or getting wet by rain.

I like walking this street,Naka-dori,after shopping.
Especially at night,they are always illuminated.

This is Shin-Marunouchi building,it's in front of Tokyo st.

There is the famous Hibiya park near here.
So you can experience with relaxing green and city atmosphere at the same time:)



At a starbucks

Are there any Starbucks  in your town?

A starbucks I often go has unique service manual.
The staff of that starbucks ask me a lot.I want to know whether this is normal in your place.
Their questions are:

1, Will this be for here or to go ?

2,(if you want to bring outside)---Do you need a paper bag?

3,(if you chose a hot one)----Can I make a coffee with a mug or paper cup?

4,(if you chose a iced one)---Can I put some ices into a cup?

5,Would you like some side snacks?

6,(In the end,a staff repeat my order)Am I correct?

After order,They repeat in chorus.

I think the last one is not good for someone.
For example,when a very fat girl orders Venti non-fat milk Caramel Macchiato,one of another customers may think that she should do diet without such a coffee.
....It was my opinion>_<
And I can understand their feelings.While dieting,I can't stand something sweet.
In starbucks,I can choose "non-fat":D

Here,we have green tea taste frappuccino:)
It looks weird color though,I like it!
My favorite is dark mocha chip frappuccino:D
What is your favorite?
I want to taste new one we don't have yet!

By the way,we don't call "starbacks"usually.
We say just "Sutaba".

We often shorten words,when the name is long or uneasy to pronounce.

McDonald' s= Mac(east of Japan),Makudo(west)
Kentucky Fried Chicken = Kentucky or Kenta or KFC
Convenience store = Kombini
Family Mart(convenience store) = Famima
Mr.doughnut = Misudo(I should show you this shop as soon as possible!)
Akihabara = Akiba
Air conditioner = Aircon
Takuya Kimura(Japanese famous actor) =Kimu taku
Brad Pitt =Burapi

I'll write more about shorten words when I remember more:)