Various kinds of Ramen

Japanese people love noodle.At least, I love them.
There are many kinds of noodle,for example Udon(wheat noodle),Soba(buckwheat noodle),Somen(this),Remen(it came from Korea:this) and today's topic,Ramen.

I thought Ramen came from China,but I couldn't find it when I checked it in English dictionary.
So I will be able to get through to say "Ramen" in America?(Really?)
It was funny that I got "coke" even though I said "coffee" at that time,when I visited America first time.
I have to practice my poor pronunciation:/

Anyway,what kind of Ramen do you have?
Basically there are 4 tastes of it,Sho-yu aji(soy sauce),Miso aji(bean paste soup),Shio aji(salt soup) and Ton-kotsu aji(pork soup).
Recently Ton-kotsu type is very popular,called "Doro-kei".
The soup isn't like liquid,it's like clay(doro in Japanese).It's nice naming,isn't it?

The other day,I ate Tsuke-men(here).With this style,soup and noodle are separated.
The soup is strong taste,so before bring the noodle to your mouth,you should dip it into the soup.
After eating the noodle,add a few of weak soup to the strong soup,then drink up it.

And 23th March,it was national holiday called Shunbun no hi.
I went to Ginza and had a Chinese lunch.
**I already updated photos last article**
I ordered noodle,then realized it's different from Japanese one.

Our Ramen is like kind of fast food.We can eat it in a short time with cheap price.
Almost the shops are not clean,but they have a lot of spark(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
An night,I ate "Ramen".Yes,I ate only noodles that day.

Experience this Japanese Ramen culture:D
And don't forget after finishing it,you should leave the shop as soon as possible.

See you//


  1. i had a same situation when i first time came to the U.S. I ordered a coke, but i got coffee. It was so funny. I really love to eat Ramen. Last year, i went to N.Y. There is a very famous Ramen restaurant named IPPUDO (http://www.ippudony.com/). You have to wait at least 2 hours to get into the restaurant. My friends said, this restaurant was voted NO.1 Japanese Ramen restaurant oversea by Japanese. I went to this restaurant 3 times, and ordered 2 bowls of ramen each time when I stayed in NY.

    love ur blog.

    BTW, I am from 『inter pals』

  2. I can't wait to eat ramen in Japan!
    I already ate ramen in France, and it was delicious! So I can't imagine ramen in Japan! :O

    "It was funny that I got "coke" even though I said "coffee" at that time,when I visited America first time."
    I laught a lot!!!! Coke and Coffee are not similar words! :O XD

    and What is your favorite ramen Ayumi?

  3. To 簡單的生活さん

    Really?Yes,it was funny!
    I checked "IPPUDO in NY" right now.It looks stylish Ramen shop:)
    I've heard of the name,but I've never tried.
    I should try to eat that as soon as possible!
    Thank you for telling me new Ramen shop!

  4. To Kazuo,

    I've never tried Ramen in France!Almost Japanese food in France are different from mine,so I want to eat it next time!!
    Coffee and Coke,,,it's the same "co".And I tried to say "coke" once or twice at that time,but I gave up><
    After drinking coffee,I bought coke in another shop.I can't live without coke!haha
    And my favorite Ramen is....ummm...all of them except "Ton-kotsu":D