No money,no time and get hungry!

At such times,I go to this restaurant:Hanamaru udon

Actually this is not a restaurant.What can I say such a restaurant.
Well,it's just a eating spot.

This is a chain store.So you can find this easily:)

This shop has some staffs though,you bring what you ordered to the table.
It's called "Selfservice" in Japan.It's Japanese-English,so you don't care!

I tell you how to order:)

1,Hold the tray and the plate.
   Then,there are many kinds of side dishes,like tempura,onigiri..(please look the picture below)

2,Pick up the side dish you want to eat and put it on the plate.
   This time,you use the tongs.

3,When you come in front of the staff,order Udon you chose.

   Sample dialogue
   staff:Have you decided your order?(Go chumon ha okimari desuka?)

   you:A small size "Kake",please.("Kake" no sho kudasai)
   ----Blue is udon's menu----

4,The staff bring the udon on your tray.
   Then,you pay at the cash register.

5,If you want water or hot/iced green tea,you bring it by your self.

6,After eating,the tray you used you bring the return place by your self.

That's all:)


Side dishes:D

Typical menu in Hanamaru Udon.I recommend you "Kake Udon"(red star).
Because it's simple and the cheapest.The small size is only 100yen.Can you believe that?
Plus I eat some side dishes with Kake udon usually:)

This picture I went was in business town and it was Saturday,so there weren't customers.
But this is really popular,delicious and cheap:)

Please try to eat//


Manner of wedding party

The other day,I was invited to a wedding party.
All of the people attended were who I have never known.That made me nervous. 
Because I don't get used to "party".

Anyway,I only know the wedding party in Japan.
But maybe we have some manners(weird rules).
Today,I'll tell you one of them.

-----About money----

You can't go to the wedding party empty handed.
And it's bad to have a gift on the day.

All you have to bring is money.

When I go to the wedding party,I have to prepare 30,000 yen.
Neither 20,000 yen nor 40,000 yen.
If you are rich or the person invited you is your close family,you had better prepare 50,000 yen for one person.

If you are invited with your partner,,

How much do you need??

The correct answer is 50,000 yen.It's not (30,000 x 2=)60,000yen.

This is wedding.So the number that can be divided by two is bad:/
(note:Japanese bills are 1,00yen,5,000yen and 10,000yen.
50,000yen:5 bills of 10,000yen.So it cannot be able to split the money in half.)
 Is it difficult and complicated?I also think that.
But this is Japanese tradition.

Well,how about 10,000 yen?
That's also bad because it's less money for a wedding.
Sorry I told you about too much money....
Actually the wedding bride was amazingly beautiful!
First,she wore kimono and next changed white wedding dress.

We could see happy friends and eat wonderful cuisine:D
Plus we received the book as a souvenir.
That is catalog,and I can choose something I want;)

For example: they are typical gift,


Hot spring ticket!

I've never seen such things.One day ticket for doing exercise and learning something...

Recently such a catalog book is popular.
But sometimes I receive dishes written bridal couple's name.
I want to stop such a gift,ever....

And I'll update beautiful wedding pictures on the day.


Shocking Town

If you realize where is this town,only this photo,  ,  ,  ,  ,

You must be Otaku(nerd).
Sorry,it's a joke:D

This is Akihabara.
The other day,I went there for my first time.
I can go there by bus in 15-20 minutes from my house.
But I think never go there.

There are many,many, otaku!
Akihabara:Foreign tourists10%,and Otaku 90%      

Everybody had paper bag and rucksack or tote bag.
That is typical style of them.
And they were playing with portable games!!!
There were around 50 people in front of the shop(I saw them above the picture : Yodobashi camara)
That was really shocked,and strange.
But this is Akihabara.

I wanted to take pictures more.But I couldn't do that.
I was overwhelmed by the energy of Otaku.

Can you see many otaku?


Areas of Tokyo

I should have introduced Tokyo areas at first.

So I categorized as areas by myself.
Within encircled the places,I can look around in one day.
Of course it's depend on what you want to see though . . . . . . .

I can go to Shibuya and Shinjuku and Yurakucho in a day.
Perhaps such a day,I'm looking for something good:D
You can go anywhere by getting metro or train.
I prefer metro because it's more convenience and easy to transfer.

Then I try to use my map and categorize with label.

I'm glad this would be useful for someone.