Shocking Town

If you realize where is this town,only this photo,  ,  ,  ,  ,

You must be Otaku(nerd).
Sorry,it's a joke:D

This is Akihabara.
The other day,I went there for my first time.
I can go there by bus in 15-20 minutes from my house.
But I think never go there.

There are many,many, otaku!
Akihabara:Foreign tourists10%,and Otaku 90%      

Everybody had paper bag and rucksack or tote bag.
That is typical style of them.
And they were playing with portable games!!!
There were around 50 people in front of the shop(I saw them above the picture : Yodobashi camara)
That was really shocked,and strange.
But this is Akihabara.

I wanted to take pictures more.But I couldn't do that.
I was overwhelmed by the energy of Otaku.

Can you see many otaku?

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  1. When I saw this pic, I read "Akiba" in the top of it! So I said : "Yeah! Ayumi posted an article about Akiba!" :D
    So... Am I an Otaku? XD
    There are too many shops I want to visit there! *___*