I found a cute green during a walk the other day.
I have only a fake plant in my room, my friend advised me I should threw away it immediately because it makes my fortune turn down.

An old lady at the shop told me, it's very easy just immerse it in water for few minutes.
But I don't know when I should do that, and she answers unclear:
Give it a water when you think it feels thirsty.
She admires the beauty for plants, looks happy to talk about them.
And I enjoyed to have nice conversation with her for a while

I took one of them to my home.
I don't have a green thumb, but I'm enjoying to take care of my first mossball.

Still survive.

And pretty atmosphere with a candle:)



Having lunch at Shinjuku

I went out for a meeting around Shinjuku the other day, and got tired.
My friends at work and I needed to charge energy, and he took us his favorite Ramen restaurant at Shinjuku 2-chome where is famous for the biggest gay town in Tokyo.
I've not asked him the reason he is familiar with there.  >_<

They serve dipping noodle at this restaurant.
Another friend says she doesn't like it because noodle is getting cold not in hot soup.
(She always complains, any way)

We ordered standard dipping noodle with DX toppings that are fried chicken, fried bamboo shoots and fantastic simmered eggs. The soup I had make broth with chicken, also you can choose spicy one or teriyaki one.

Thick noodles like Udon with richly flavored soup made me happy at first.
In a short time, I was feeling regret ordering 200g noodles.
It was too much for women. But I've done completely.
I was feeling like no more ramen when I finished it.

On the way to the station, we had a coffee with rich cream.

After salty food, we want sweet something.

When we back to office, there was two big cakes on a table.

Because it was my birthday.

It was first time I can't eat any more!

行ったところメモ: 二丁目つけめんGACHI


Breakfast at KITTE

I left a home early to have breakfast with my friend.
We met up at 9 am, and there were less people than usual in this beautiful space.

This building is re-built in front of Tokyo station, it used to be a Central Post Office few years ago. In 2013, new building called "KITTE" opened as a shopping mall.
This name has two means in Japanese, "stamp" and "come here".
But both are different pronunciation.
If you ask someone the way to KITTE and pronounce "stamp" in Japanese, probably nobody understands.

Beautiful sunshine from a top light.

There is a terrace on 6th floor, and it's nice photo spot for Tokyo station.
Next time, I'll try to go at night. Maybe it's nicer than daytime.

And yummy food. I ordered "Morning Set".( The picture below)
I've heard about this cafe, Tully's Coffee and Itoen famous for green tea collaborate on it.
That means I should chose green tea cake next time, I've seen beautiful maccha green cakes in showcase when I left there.

行ったところメモ:カフェ会 丸の内