Magazine -Sweet-

I bought a magazine today.This is the most popular one on my age(20-30's):Sweet

It costs 650-690yen with this bag and hair rubber as a free gift.
Sometimes I buy a magazine to get a free gift:)
This time,the hair rubber,I didn't want though:(
But the free gift in Japan,they are very high quality.
I think it will be good souvenir.

Well,look inside,,,,,,
According to this magazine,women want to look like celebrities.
How to make up:

What do stylish and working women have in their bag?
It seems that women want to know what another women usually have.

Next,women working in an apparel company:
In Shibuya or Shinjuku,there are many people look like them.
They are like models,really.
I have no idea such people cost for their clothes,cosmetic items,hair salon.......:/

I'll go to stylish area,and then update some real pictures as soon as possible.




At 10:00 p.m.
People were still working in this city.It's Friday night!!!
I took this at Otemachi which is the biggest business area in Japan.

Let's getting checking the map:
I walked from Otemachi to Nihombashi.

All of sudden,Oden stall:

I've never tried to go into stalls.But I'm really interested in inside the curtain.....
The men who are working around here can't go home easily.
Because there are many charming places.
Or because there are too many jobs.....

I love this area.So I'll write again//


Uokin 2go-ten@Shimbashi

Last Saturday,I went to Izakaya.It's like a bar and restaurant combined.
Shimbashi is famous for them.Every night,many drunk men are there.
Some men can't go straight by themselves.
I wish the man would not be my father:/

Well,I introduce this izakaya:Uokin.
Uokin has some kinds of style restaurant,like bistro(French),bar(Italian) and Japanese-style.
I love all of them:)
But I can't make a reservation a table easily:(
The other day,I called the shop on the day.And luckily,I could!

First of all,of course,we ordered sashimi:D
This cost 1980yen.So cheap!!!
In the other shops,you can't eat that such price!
And sashimi in this shop is very fresh:)

Next photo,probably some people get feeling bad:
Were you okay?
I love this:D
Around eye is the best!My mother said like that.....

Food culture is very deep....

When I went to market in Italy,there were pig's heads and featherless chickens.
That was really shocked and interested.

Any way,there are many drinking shops in Shimbashi.
I went there by foot from Ginza.It took only 15 minutes.


I could spend happy evening with my family:)


Snow Daruma

Last night,it snowed in Tokyo.
So I went to my work place by foot.
The men who don't have home looked like so cold.
There are 3 snowmen in front of someone's house.
By the way,snowman is "Yuki Daruma" in Japanese.
Yuki means snow.And Daruma is this:
The red one is Daruma.He is very small and cute,don't you think??
I bought it at Asakusa.
Do you know why his eye is only one?
You can draw his eye when you arrive your own goal.
And I have not arrived mine:/

I hope he will get the other eye soon.....


About this blog

Hello and thank you for coming to my blog.

I'm writing this in Tokyo.
I am 100% pure Japanese,living and working here.

And I'm learning English by myself.

So this is my challenge,to send out messages in English.

I'll write about Japan:my favorite area,great restaurants/cafes/drinking spots/fashion stores,interesting culture,something funny,,,,,,,

I wish this will be read by someone who is interested in Japan or learning languages.

And please tell me your impressions,my mistakes,something surprised...Anything okay.

If you have some questions about Japan,please ask me.I would answer.

However I am NOT head of Japanese...

You had better to receive my answer is just my opinion:/

I hope someone enjoys this blog:)

Jan,22 2012 

A night @Ginza-Yurakucho

I try to expand real information about Japan in this blog.
Then I must not forget this area.


Please come here in the night.The great illumination makes you happy:)

Amazing Ginza landscape.I took this number 1  spot  in the map.


Many tiny drinking spot:) I took this number 2 spot in the map.
They are the essence of this area.
It was the first time that I took a photo from there.

It doesn't look beautiful though,I love it.Do you get a feeling that you're going to spend fun time??I promise you could have exciting fun night:D
Around here are permeated with smoke.But you don't have to worried about that.It's just smoke of cooking something.At first time,I was also surprised!

I LOOOOOVE this Yakitori shop////
I don't know how much spent great times since now......
I'll show you some information about there later.

If you want to eat such shops,you don't need to make a reservation a seat.
Almost worker around here have their favorite drink shop.
So you can see real Japanese people there.While drinking,they are very relax.
They(middle aged men) look so happy with red faces:)

At last,I'll show you the view from my favorite cafe:Segafredo(location:Hibiya)
The second floor,you can see this.This floor is smoking area.I was there for 2 hours,my eyes were sore because of smoke...
This cafe is number 3 spot in the map,near the Imperial Hotel.

I want you tell about Ginza and Yurakucho....
I'll write again soon..

Brasserie gus@Kagurazaka

This is the greatest restaurant in 2011!!

Recently I'm into bistro(casual french cuisine).There are many such kind of  restaurants in Kagurazaka.
It's close to Shinjyuku.
There are many French people living.So it's famous for french cuisine.

I recommend meat meal.like terrine.
And you eat all and get enough though,you should taste dessert.

I promise you would have nice time there:)