Magazine -Sweet-

I bought a magazine today.This is the most popular one on my age(20-30's):Sweet

It costs 650-690yen with this bag and hair rubber as a free gift.
Sometimes I buy a magazine to get a free gift:)
This time,the hair rubber,I didn't want though:(
But the free gift in Japan,they are very high quality.
I think it will be good souvenir.

Well,look inside,,,,,,
According to this magazine,women want to look like celebrities.
How to make up:

What do stylish and working women have in their bag?
It seems that women want to know what another women usually have.

Next,women working in an apparel company:
In Shibuya or Shinjuku,there are many people look like them.
They are like models,really.
I have no idea such people cost for their clothes,cosmetic items,hair salon.......:/

I'll go to stylish area,and then update some real pictures as soon as possible.


1 comment:

  1. Oh! What is written on the bag is in French!

    I will translate it :

    From the heart
    Try a sweet life
    Gelato Spades
    Open this package
    as soon as possible!

    Me too, sometimes I buy a magazine to get the free gift XD