About this blog

Hello and thank you for coming to my blog.

I'm writing this in Tokyo.
I am 100% pure Japanese,living and working here.

And I'm learning English by myself.

So this is my challenge,to send out messages in English.

I'll write about Japan:my favorite area,great restaurants/cafes/drinking spots/fashion stores,interesting culture,something funny,,,,,,,

I wish this will be read by someone who is interested in Japan or learning languages.

And please tell me your impressions,my mistakes,something surprised...Anything okay.

If you have some questions about Japan,please ask me.I would answer.

However I am NOT head of Japanese...

You had better to receive my answer is just my opinion:/

I hope someone enjoys this blog:)

Jan,22 2012 


  1. Greeting from Oman.
    keep going with your Blogs
    i am still reading >

  2. Hi Ayumi, i stumbled upon your blog while browsing about Japan, going to visit Tokyo in two weeks time *excited*. I am also a non-english blogger and i find your blog genuinely interesting :) keep writing ya !!

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog:)
      You also write a blog in English?That's really nice!
      And I hope you'll enjoy in Japan!
      I'll try to update interesting places of Japan:)