Snow Daruma

Last night,it snowed in Tokyo.
So I went to my work place by foot.
The men who don't have home looked like so cold.
There are 3 snowmen in front of someone's house.
By the way,snowman is "Yuki Daruma" in Japanese.
Yuki means snow.And Daruma is this:
The red one is Daruma.He is very small and cute,don't you think??
I bought it at Asakusa.
Do you know why his eye is only one?
You can draw his eye when you arrive your own goal.
And I have not arrived mine:/

I hope he will get the other eye soon.....

1 comment:

  1. Oh I want a Daruma now! :O
    If it will snow here, I'll make a Yuki Daruma! Ah ah :D