Uokin 2go-ten@Shimbashi

Last Saturday,I went to Izakaya.It's like a bar and restaurant combined.
Shimbashi is famous for them.Every night,many drunk men are there.
Some men can't go straight by themselves.
I wish the man would not be my father:/

Well,I introduce this izakaya:Uokin.
Uokin has some kinds of style restaurant,like bistro(French),bar(Italian) and Japanese-style.
I love all of them:)
But I can't make a reservation a table easily:(
The other day,I called the shop on the day.And luckily,I could!

First of all,of course,we ordered sashimi:D
This cost 1980yen.So cheap!!!
In the other shops,you can't eat that such price!
And sashimi in this shop is very fresh:)

Next photo,probably some people get feeling bad:
Were you okay?
I love this:D
Around eye is the best!My mother said like that.....

Food culture is very deep....

When I went to market in Italy,there were pig's heads and featherless chickens.
That was really shocked and interested.

Any way,there are many drinking shops in Shimbashi.
I went there by foot from Ginza.It took only 15 minutes.


I could spend happy evening with my family:)

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  1. Because of you I'm hungry now! >.<
    The food in the first pic looks very good! *_*
    I want sashimis!!!!

    But food in the second pic... You're right, I got feeling bad! XD