A night @Ginza-Yurakucho

I try to expand real information about Japan in this blog.
Then I must not forget this area.


Please come here in the night.The great illumination makes you happy:)

Amazing Ginza landscape.I took this number 1  spot  in the map.


Many tiny drinking spot:) I took this number 2 spot in the map.
They are the essence of this area.
It was the first time that I took a photo from there.

It doesn't look beautiful though,I love it.Do you get a feeling that you're going to spend fun time??I promise you could have exciting fun night:D
Around here are permeated with smoke.But you don't have to worried about that.It's just smoke of cooking something.At first time,I was also surprised!

I LOOOOOVE this Yakitori shop////
I don't know how much spent great times since now......
I'll show you some information about there later.

If you want to eat such shops,you don't need to make a reservation a seat.
Almost worker around here have their favorite drink shop.
So you can see real Japanese people there.While drinking,they are very relax.
They(middle aged men) look so happy with red faces:)

At last,I'll show you the view from my favorite cafe:Segafredo(location:Hibiya)
The second floor,you can see this.This floor is smoking area.I was there for 2 hours,my eyes were sore because of smoke...
This cafe is number 3 spot in the map,near the Imperial Hotel.

I want you tell about Ginza and Yurakucho....
I'll write again soon..

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