The street I often go is called Naka-dori.
It's among a business town,called Marunouchi,near the Tokyo st.
There are many fashionable shops and restaurants.
And also this is high bland street.It's not so big one like Ginza though...
There are Tiffany,Burberry and Hermès.
Plus there are nice fashionable shops from Japan.
The popular shops:Tomorrowland,IENA,martinique and for men:Edifice
I often go these fashion buildings,Marunochi Building and Shin-Marunouchi Building.
The two buildings have clothes/shoes/accessories  shops and restaurants/cafes/drinking spots.
I always go to Spick and Span,Odette é Odile.If you are a woman,you will be able to find nice clothes and shoes there:)
And we can directly connect to Tokyo station under the ground from these buildings.
So yo can go there without losing your way or getting wet by rain.

I like walking this street,Naka-dori,after shopping.
Especially at night,they are always illuminated.

This is Shin-Marunouchi building,it's in front of Tokyo st.

There is the famous Hibiya park near here.
So you can experience with relaxing green and city atmosphere at the same time:)



  1. Really beautiful place!!!
    There are many shops with french name in Japan! :D

  2. Yes,but we can't understand French names meanings><