♪Sakura~ Sakura~

There are many songs about it.Recently the weather is getting warm and cherry flowers start blooming.
Last year,I went to Ueno park,and it's famous for hanami,with my friends at night.
There were no illuminated and only few people and stalls because we had to save electricity for the earthquake.
But this year,there are many people in the park,and I heard about that on TV.
I'm excited to go there next week><I'll take photos!

I prefer to have hanami with friends though,we also have it with colleague.
Japanese people go out to drink after work very often.
Hanami is just change of place.haha

April is special for Japanese because our school and company start every April.
Entrance ceremony is held in this season.
I feel "new" something every year.I wanted new notebook,new pen case and new friend as a teenager:)

-_-....Back to hanami.
Fresh employers(men) have a first job.
It's to keep place for hanami.They go to a park early and spread out large sheet at a place to be able to see cherry trees very well.
Some of them stay all night before the hanami!
They wrapped up in a blanket with freezing body and waited for hanami's time coming.It's silly but funny,and I can see them on news.
I hope they can drink hot sake right now which is strong alcohol.I've had bad memory because I couldn't walk by myself,and it is easy to get drunk,so fresh men will be able to forget their first hard job!

Any way I will have hanami on Sunday:)
I wish it will be warm ,and cherry will be in full bloom!

I took them last year near my apartment.
This year,I will show you more crowded hanami photos next week:))))

See you^^


  1. great pic, sakura is so beautiful. I want to be there if I have a chance.

    when i read 『♪Sakura~ Sakura~』

    it really makes me to recall Ikimono Gakari - Sakura, and i still remember melody .

    the culture of hanami is not unfamiliar to me.
    I have been watching Japanese dramas for many years.
    Some dramas mentioned hanami before, so I know Spring is a special season for Japanese.

    Hanami for Spring
    花火大会 for summer

    right? ;D

  2. 簡單的生活さんへ

    I don't know Ikimono Gakari's sakura song!I'll check it!

    I'm looking forward it since now!!