My friend came to Japan part 2

The 2nd day,
I took a day off and I showed my friend around Tokyo at my first time.
Actually,I didn't know what should I show her...
But it was no problem.The weather was super sunny!
We left my apartment at 9:00 in the morning:) 

At first,we were thinking go to Korean town,caled Shin-Okubo.
This blog is "The JPN Journal"....But both she and I like Korea very much;)
Way to the town,we got off "Iidabashi",because there is a nice cafe.
Along the Kanda river,there are a lot of beautiful cherry trees and all of them were full of bloom.
But the time was too early.Unfortunately,the cafe opens at 11:30.

We gave up the cafe,then we went to Shin-Okubo.
And we ate  Samgyeopsal.It's popular Korean dish which is baked pork with kimuchi and vegetables.

Recently Korean entertament is very popular in Japan.
I prefer Korean food:)haha

In the afternoon,,,,we had hanami in Shinjuku-Gyoen.We could walk between Shin-Okubo and the park through Shinjuku city.

There aren't many people because it was weekday and day time.

We bought beer in convinience store and tried to bring the park.But we couldn't drink alcohol inside there for the park's rule:((((    Then we gave up.
We gave up the cafe in the morning and drinking beer....Am I really guide in Tokyo!?
Any way,there are some nice place to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

If you want to drink under the trees,,,,you should go to Ueno park(it's my favorite)

Or if you are okay only soft drinks,,,you can go to Shinjuku Gyoen.(200yen to enter the park)

Or if you JUST want to see cherry trees,,,,you will go to Chidori ga huchi.

And then,we went to Asakusa.
Way to Sensouji,there are a lot of small stores sold traditional Japanese stuffs.

We ate something all day,but we got hungry.
When in restaurant,it's difficult to read Japanses menu.Some reastaurants,they have food sample in front of the entrance.
You can choose dish you want to eat in such a reautrant;)

That night,I ate Hire katsu(fried pork).The reasutaurant we went was for tourists,but the food was really dericious!!!
When you eat there,you can feel this is real Japanese food.

After having a dinner,we went back to my apartment.
I walked a lot the day!!
We talked and drunk again until the late,,,I really didn't want to go to work the next day><
It was nice and fun day for me:))))

see you///

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