Yakitori bar

These days,I'm pretty busy.
I said some friends to tell my favorite Yakitori bar before though,I couldn't enough time to write about it.
This time,I'm able to show you it.I am so happy:)

By the way,do you often eat chicken?
I prefer chicken than beaf and pork.I've tried to cook Yakitori by myself.
I thought it was just bake chicken how to cook it.
But that was wrong idea.
Then I really want you to come this bar and taste real and wonderful Japanese Yakitori by yourself someday;)

First of all,it's not easy to find the Yakitori bar.
You can go there in few minutes from Ginza st. on metro lines,or Yurakucho st. on JR lines.
Look at this map,then you think it looks easy to reach the bar?
But there are a lot of smal bars around the Yakitori bar.

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This is the bar's sign.The name is "Ne no hi".I have no idea of the meaning.

Inside,there are about 30 seats in narrow space.My favorite place is outside.Here1↓

Until 8:00,there are full of people.

I took a photo of menu.It is written by only Japanese,so I try to explain it.
You should order,Negima(leg with green onion),Ponjiri(hip) and Tebasaki(wing)
And "Motsuni",it's like Italian dish tripe.That's great,you must like it;)

After ordering drinks,a staff bring small dish.That is only cabbage with bean paste.
You eat it while thinking about what you want to eat next.

When you order Yakitori,the staff always ask you:

・Which do you like with salt or with sauce?
 The sause is sweet a bit.I always order "salt" because chicken is very good in this bar without any sauce.

In Japanese:
Staff:Shio to Tare doushimasuka? / Shio to tare wa?
You:Shio de.

You just say,"shio de".It's very easy to say:)

Ummmm....I want to eat them again soon!

Thank you for reading:)