My friend came to Japan part 1

My friend alreay has gone back to her home.
Last week,I spent fun time with her,and I could show her around Tokyo.
The first night,I tried to meet her at Tokyo st. after work.
I was really worried whatever we could meet there without any problems,because there were a lot of people at that time.
I went to platfall of Shinkan sen,then we could meet:)

Soon after I met her,I took her to my favorite Yakitori resutaurant.
The restaurant is in Yurakucho,it's next to the Tokyo st.We got the train only one station on Yamanote line.
Usually I walk between these town.

This restaurant's menu is written by only Japanese.I'll tell you the detail in another article^_^
We could have seats on my favorite place outside.
Inside this restaurant,there are not much of space.That's so Japan,but I don't like it..haha
But if you want to experince it,you should try to eat inside.
We could spend very fun night.
The next day,I showed her around Tokyo!It was my first time to be a guide,so I was so excited!!

To be continued later....

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