Secret place @ Ginza

Yesterday,I made an appointment at a hair salon at night.
Until then,I spent nice time and money for shopping:)

Yurakucho is a town I love the most in Tokyo.Because I can buy everything I want:clothes,shoes,electronics,stationery and interior products.

However there are always a lot of people around this area.
When I feel tired,I escape to the department store:Matsuya.

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And go to the roof of the store.

At 8:00 pm.Nobody was there and it was nice breeze:)

My short summer vacation is just beginning from today.
I'm going to join summer festival,see fireworks,driving to country side and traveling to Osaka with my friend:D

I can't wait everything!

Have a nice summer:-D  


  1. Secret places are the best! ;)

    But, was the department store really open that late?! In the US, they seem to always close around 6-7PM. It's very annoying.

    1. The US' department store closes early!Our shops are closed at 8 pm usually though,restaurants in department store opens until 22-23.But I've never stayed at the roof of there such a late time><