Biiiiig festival in east of Tokyo

Today was my first time to see this festival.It is held once a three years.
I'm so excited to see it because the shrine which is center of this festival is close to my working place.
I've heard sounds of people were practicing the festival many times while working in this month.
(Previous article about this festival eve is here)
People carries mobile mini shrine,called "mikoshi",with calling out "Wasshoi!Wasshoi!".
The sound I've heard was that!

Although I've seen carrying mikoshi festival usually,this is really unique to pour water on mikoshi!!
A lot of people was absolutely soaked to the skin!

Some people wore an happi coat...I don't know what should I say it in English!

That is written by "祭" means festival on their back.Including a cute dog!

Firefighters joinedXDXDXDXD!!

I've never seen such a great festival.
I'd like to say thank people for carrying heavy mikoshi;)
Today was so much fun!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope your summer will be also nice;)

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