Big festival eve

11th of August,a fireworks festival of Tokyo Bay was held!
But the weather forecast said it was going to rain.
So I gave up to see that,and stayed at my place at night.
However,suddenly I heard huge noise from outside.

Unfortunately,I couldn't see the fireworks clearly because of clouds.
And it was too far from my place:/

With a new attitude,I went to a shrine which is the biggest one in Tokyo.
That is close to my living and working place.I often go to pray there,like New year's day and the first day of work a year.
The next day,very big festival will be held around this shrine.
One of my co-worker,she loves this festival since she was born.And she carries mikoshi(mobile mini shrine) every times of the festival.

Some stalls already opened:

Mikoshi were in everywhere only this season around my place.People who carry it had a party by mikoshi and drink a lot!They looks so excited!!

Also I am excited!

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