My trip report -Osaka-

Last two days of my short summer vacation,I traveled to Osaka with my friend.Osaka is the biggest city in west of Japan.This is my first time to visit there in my life.Actually I was not interested in Osaka before.Because everything I want is in Tokyo.And I know Osaka is more popular city than Tokyo for foreign travelers.I had no idea why Osaka is!
Then,I decided to go to Osaka and I watch the town by myself this time!!!!

Osaka is very famous for food,like Tako-yaki,Okonomi-yaki and Kushi-katsu.Last trip(that was alone),I ate only dessert because I couldn't go into a restaurant alone:/
So,this time I asked my best friend to travel with me.That choice was great!I spent nice and funny time with her while traveling:)

First of all,we got on Shinkan-sen!I didn't want to experienced heavy traffic jam any more.
We choose "Hikari" which is the fastest train to Osaka from Tokyo.

Beautiful rice field,taken from window of the train.

2 and half hours later,we arrived at Shin-Osaka station and then,go to eat Okonomi-yaki in Doyon-bori.

We went this resraurant:mizuno(美津の).A chef baked okonomi-yaki in front of us.Of course,they were very nice:)

After that,we couldn't eat Tako-yaki soon,so we walked around towns.

Anyway,it wastoooooo hot temperature><
We went to watch a famous comedy show.In Japan,almost comedian came from Osaka.So almost non-Osaka people think people in Osaka are funny.But Osaka people get angry when we say like thatXD Although Japan is small island country,our characteristic vary by region.

Tako-yaki:)It was great!

At night,we went to a famous tower:Tsuten-kaku.
This is called the Eiffel Tower of Osaka.If French person read this article,please don't get angry.haha

Around this tower,there are many kushi-katsu restaurants.That is fried pork like BBQ.
Osaka people seem to really like this food.Even junior high scholl students were in the same restaurant and ate them without alcohol(of course:/)
I thought this food is like fast food for local people.

The next day was almost the same,just eating and walking....
But this trip was really fun!!!!

At last,Osaka is totally different atmosphere from Tokyo.
The towns and people were very energetic and a lot of people are there because Osaka is smaller than Tokyo.

I'd like to go places I've never visited.

Thank you for reading:)

In this week,my friend will come to Japan from Belgium.I'll show her around Tokyo:D
I'm so excited and I'll post about it in August.
This summer is pretty busy><

See you and have a great summer////


  1. Unfortunately, I Realized That the I not be able to survive in Japan ... in your diet is a lot of meat, and a huge number of fish (island:)). I am a vegetarian,Do you recommend some dishes for vegetarians?

    Regarding our last conversation. I deal with on a daily history, so I'm pretty well-versed

    But there are so many things that I would like to know ... When I read your blog, I realize how much difference there is between our two countries. :-)

    I hope that I wrote as "clearly"

    Have a nice evening. (probably in Japan, it is already night ...)

    About this ceramic dish I mentioned


    And this comes from Neolithic Europe.


    1. Long time no see><
      Sorry for this late reply.
      But I read your interesting comment.Thank you again:)

      Any way,are you a vegetarian?I recommend you Japanese dish without meat,,,Ummmm,I'm not familiar with them,because I don't like vegetable and fruit.
      If you eat low fish,you will be able to enjoy Japanese food culture:D

  2. Hi Ayumi...
    Nice post!!! In the upcoming post, I suggest you to upload some pictures of you both... it is nice to see pictures of you in the place/restaurants/streets/landmarks etc you are visiting.

    Within two months I will be there, enjoying some Japanese cities and food!!! Oishiiiiii


    1. Hi John,

      Sorry for this late reply.I said like this again...I'm lazy blogger:/haha
      Osaka was awesome!There are a lot of interesting places I want to take pictures:)
      You should go there by yourself while you're in Japan:D

      I hope your trip of Japan will be great!


  3. You have nice looking pictures here. I´m a Finnish woman and interested in blogs which tells about life in other countries. I have just created an own blog www.homeinfinland.com

    1. Nice to meet you!
      Thank you for leaving a comment and telling me your nice blog:)))
      There are beautiful and warm pictures of your family,and your posts are really good practice to read English for me:D
      Also I like to know people who are living another countries.

      I hope you will know my country more:)