My friend came to Japan in summer

How was your summer days?
I'm sorry for not updating for a long time.
I was just pretty busy at playing,working and studying.Noooo,actually I didn't study English at all for a while:/
Anyway,this summer was really,really fun:)
But it's already finished,I have to write about it not to forget my summer memories here.

In this summer,I was like a traveler because my friend came to Japan again and I showed her around Tokyo.(Actually we were just playing together*x*)
(last articles are here:part1,part2)
By the way,I have a question.We(Japanese) use "play" very often when we do something fun with friends.Is it wrong in English or too childish to use "play" in this situation?

The day we met up at Shinkan-sen plat home of Tokyo station,I felt nervous actually.
Her cell-phone had a small problem not to write any text on the day.
I thought I could find her there,but I couldn't because of too many people.Finally I called her and we could meet up:)
Tokyo station has many lines:Japan Rail trains,Shinkan-sen(fast train) and subways.
I always lost my way before I lived in Tokyo.My mother can't still understand completely even though she can read JapaneseXD
However signboards and information are written by English(+Chinese and Korean),so don't worry about that.
Probably many people can understand:) 

Any way,the next day I went to Disney Sea after working.

While she stayed at my apartment for a week,we went to Tsukiji,Takao-mountain,my hometown,Ginza,Tokyo-dome,Roppongi,Shibuya,Harajuku,Asakusa and Marunouchi.

I'll try to write about them soon:)

I think we could visit almost popular points of Tokyo,except my hometownXD

These pictures were taken in my favorite place,Yurakucho.

Thank you for coming to my lazy blog:))))


  1. Hello! My name is Panos and i come from the distant Greece, Europe. I find your blog very interesting and entertaining and your descriptions in English are very good! I am so interested in Japan, as a country, culture and landscape. I also love railways, so Japan is a paradise to me xD!!! Me and my girlfriend hope to visit Japan some day! Keep it up! Cheers!

    1. Hello Panos,
      Thank you for leaving a comment from Greece:D
      I'm glad you can understand my English.I hope you will be able to come to Japan someday:)I'll do my best to update many interesting experiences and places of Tokyo!

  2. Play would be classed as quite childish in language use. However, its by far not grammatically wrong. Plus it also sounds cute, when reading :)

    1. Thank you for answering my question!
      Okay,I understood.Was that sound cute!?
      I have to stop to use "play" right now,because I'm already 27 years old:/haha

      Anyway,thank you:)