Shopping day

Today I came to my favorite cafe because the weather was fine.
I thought the weather forecast was wrong.But it started raining hard suddenly.
I didn't bring my umbrella*o*

Well,I tell you about shopping day with my friend in Tokyo.

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Our shopping started from Shibuya 109.
Actually it was only 2nd time to go there for me.We had a look around almost all shops!This building has 8 floors and there are over 10 shops on only a floor!!

This store is very popular for young girls.If there would be this store near my home,I would lost lots of money as a teenager.
And I didn't know there is a kitty-chan shop (called "Club KT Shibuya") on the top of this store.
I was not interested in Kitty-chan,but there were many things I want to buy><

My kitty-chan:)

After that,we went to Harajuku.I always walk between Shibuya and Harajuku,it takes about 15 minutes.
An intersection in Harajuku.

When I was in an elementary scholl,I came to this town to buy idol photos.I can't understand why did I spend a lot of money for him.haha
After buying his photos,I used to eat a roll crape:

We sat down on stairs of the shrine and ate it as I used to the same.I can remember this view,that takes me back:)
My Belgian friend tole me there is nothing such crape in her place.I was surprised this is Harajuku style crape.This rolled crape is easy to eat while walking:)Although I wanted to take a break,almost young girls shouldn't want to stop walking,they want to keep shopping:)
But it was first time to see this building.
Harajuku is always changing...

This shopping day was like a teenager.I walked and laughed a lot:))

Thank you foro reading!
And I have to think how can I go back to my place from this cafe.


  1. Very nice report! I have done a little searching about Shibuya-ku and i can see why my girlfriend would go mad shopping there, even though she is not a fashion victim, haha!

    1. Thanks for a comment:D
      Yes,Shubuya is a big fashion town,you must take your girl friend there and buy a lot of cute things for her!haha