Ate too much last night

Yesterday was the first day of three-day weekend.Next Monday,8th of October is Health and Sport day.
I went out to eat last night and ate too much,then I woke up in this early morning because of feeling unpleasant(actually it's still 5am)...

These photos were taken in Ginza I went last night.

At first restaurant(bistro),I ate carpaccio,terrine,gut stew and spagetti.I was already full,and after that I had some wine at spanish bar.When I was going back to my home,it was heavy raining suddenly.
I went to another place in a hurry,my favorite cafe-creperie.
It was first time I didn't want to eat anymore even though chocolate crape I love the most was in front of me.

Last night I ate European food too much,I try to let my stomach give a break for a while.

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend:)


  1. I really enjoy these night time photos in Ginza. The night is always my favourite time to be out taking photos, always looks very interesting.

  2. Also, I really hope you continue blogging. Most of the English blogs that I have found from Japan are written by foreigners but I would like to read more by Japanese people, so I was happy to find this. I have taken some Japanese language courses but cannot read blogs written in Japanese, they are too complicated.

    1. To Travis,
      Sorry for this late reply.Hope you are fine:)

      It's also difficult to read blogs in English for me.Sometimes I try to read them.It's really interesting to know how foreign people feel about Japan.
      I'll try to post new articles:)

  3. 懐かしいすね。金座はかなり前、いってみたんですけど何か新しい感覚

    1. コメントありがとうございます:)