Happy new year 2013!

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!!

How was your new year?

Long time no see again..
I've backed to my hometown and traveled to hot spring place with my family.
And end of 2012 was really busy at work for me.
Besides work ,I went to Hakone,Seoul and my friend's house.The most interesting was traveling in Seoul.After that,I'm really into skin care.Also taking into hot spring is good for beauty.

Today,I write about our family trip we visited few days ago.
We went to Japanese style hotel where is in Izu;

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There are some hot spring spots which have different names and effects for health.
I enjoyed to care skin of my mother and me with a lot of cosmetics I got in Seoul:)))

The hotel put out excellent dishes,they made us happy:)
What a cute serving dish!


Steamed bread of pumpkin 
This was incredible,juicy meat ball in it!

Actually I couldn't read it completely 'cause writer's skill was too high.
Probably my grand mother could have done!!

Shabushabu with fish(alfonsino)

Alfonsino boiled with soy sauce

Maccha pudding was great.
Although the hotel was not close to my place,I already want to go there again.I felt sure when I ate an appetizer at first time,it would be fantastic new year for my family.And that was true.

Continue to next post about 2nd day. 

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