Tiny Karaoke room

In this weekend,I went to Karaoke with my friend for a while.Although I love singing,I've never tried to go there alone.Recently it seems getting popular to karaoke alone in Japan.
The Karaoke room we went was too small.That was like my bathroom.Before paying money,a staff asked us,"the room was small a little bit for two people,but was is okay?".

This was not okay.

After 3 hours later,we fotgot the room was disgusting.Although I don't drink alcohol usually,2 cans of beer made me forget all.We sang loudly and danced a lot in this tiny room.My friend hit her head on the ceiling a lotXD

When we left Karaoke,it was already dark.
We walked the "Host club town" in Shinjuku and go to my favorite Korean sauna.Of course it's normal sauna-_-

See you:)

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  1. "fotgot" - thought? What was the host club like??

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