New year trip

I have to start working from tomorrow though,I don't wanna go:(

I continue write about my family trip again.1st day is here:"Happy new year 2013!"
In the early morning,I went to watch sunrise.Unfortunately it was cloudy.

I like to watch first sunrise on 1st of January every year.My hometown is near the sea,so I always go to the beach to watch it.But I have no idea where should I go in Tokyo because there are not beach.I was thinking to go to Tokyo Sky Tree in the middle of the night.It would be beautiful if I could watch both the tower and sunrise at the same time.On 31th of December,I ate large pizza and go to bed without alarm setting.It was already around  9am when I woke up.....><I wanna try it next year!


I took an outside bath before breakfast.It's already 3rd time to take a bath since I arrived at the hotel:)
If the breakfast is only low egg and rice,I would hate the hotel.


I became one of fan of the hotel.
Japanese traditional new year dish

Ozoni(rice-cake soup)
I can buy rice-cake every time and every where,but it's only January(winter) to eat it.At least I don't eat Ozoni in December.Because Ozoni reminds of New year strongly.When I eat it,that's so new year coming.
My mother's ozoni soup is clear because she don't put bean paste into soup.
We talked about that the chef came from Kyoto because the ozoni soup was white bean paste and vegetables were original from Kyoto.I'm not sure about it though..haha


The hotel we stayed:Kane-yoshi.
I promise everyone would have wonderful time to stay here even though it's far from Tokyo.It took over 5 hours to arrive at my place because of heavy traffic jam..


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