The hottest night in Roppongi


I am really lazy blogger,finally I give up to write about my summer memories.
Today the weather was like Autumn in Tokyo.I went to meet with my mother with only T-shirt though,it was cold.This summer was really hot.Everyone says like that around me.Now I'm happy summer finished.But in this summer,I had many fun and interesting experiences.
One of them was a night in Roppongi.
The town is famous for club and bar,that's sounds fun,right?

I went to watch Bon-dancing festival in a big store called Roppongi-Hills with my friends.
Tokyo tower was very beautiful from terrace.

We wore Yukata on the day,and everyone looked at us because my friend was European.She said she was like ET in Japan.It was really funnyXD

Everyone danced including us:)

After that,we went to drink and sang a lot in karaoke.The time was already the last train,so went to subway station in a hurry.
But many people moved on to the town,then we didn't want to go back to my place,so we went to back to the town again!
We wanted to dance more though,we couldn't do that because of Yukata.
But it was okay.We could buy new clothes even though it was already 1:00 am.
Roppongi is a crazy town because there is a store which is never closed!!
We changed new clothes,and asked a staff,"we want to buy all we wear now".
Yes,I was drunk...But the staff was angry at me,because she didn't get drunk.haha
Finally we could buy them without taking off,but the staff,,,,her face,,,gee was I scared!

I can't remember clearly about a club we went after that happing.
All I can remember is just FUN!!

Thank you for reading:)


  1. You bought clothes that you were wearing? Hahahaha! Hopefully the clothes were all on the outside...otherwise I can understand why the staff would be angry :)

    1. Yes,I now understand why the staff got angry at that time,I was really rude><
      But it was difficult to wear yukata again with getting drunk!!hahaha