My trip report 3 -Gifu- last day

2nd day of my trip.
I woke up early and took a hot spring again.When I stay at a hotel,I take a morning bath.
Although I was going to next place,I wanted to see a morning market which is held everyday.

In the market,flowers and vegitables are sold by local people.
I spent longer time than I thought.So I ran to the bus station in a hurry to get a bus to next place.
I didn't want to make a mistake like first day though,I always forgot time.

About one hour later,I arrived a place I wanted to visit the most.

Passing over this loooong bridge......

This place is called  "Shirakawa-go".

People who lived there built their unique houses.
Shirakawa village gets a lot of snow  in winter and also it's very hot in summer because surrounded by mountains.
People who lived there couldn't grow rice well,so they grew silkworms and sold silk to get food.

Inside house:just between roofs

These houses makes me nostalgic for old Japanese landscape.
I reminded an animation I often watched:Old stories of Japan.
When I walked around there,the theme song played in my head all the time.

It took over 8 hours from Tokyo to see THIS landscape for oneself:)
I looked down the village for few hours,then I was about to forget time to leave there.
But I didn't forget this!!

One hour later,I arrived at Takayama bus station,and more one hour later,I had to get a bus to Tokyo.
I think normal person wait the bus to Tokyo at the bus station for an hour.
But I went to sanmachi again and had a seat at a nice cafe:)

And of course I ordered this><!!!!

After eating,I ran to the bus station in a hurry AGAIN!!
If I missed the bus,I had to stay one more night.Actually I already missed Tokyo and people.
I got the bus to Shinjuku station and got caught in heavy traffic again...
Although I booked seats for two persons because I wanted to do things I like in a bus,it was too long,over 8 hours again.

Finally,I arrived at Shinjuku station at midnight and all subway already closed.
In taxi,I remembered the old village.Probably people there already sleep,but people in Tokyo still awake and everything is illuminated.
I felt my trip was like time slip..It was great trip:)

I'd like to visit the village in winter again.It must be beautiful landscape to be covered with a lot of snow.
But next time,I'll chose fast train!

My Gifu trip report finish!
Thank you soooo much for reading my (stupid) trip report!

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  1. Thanks for writing up your trip reports! Makes me really want to travel to Japan right now! =P
    I went to Japan earlier this year and had wanted to go to Shirakawa-go, but it didn't fit in with my travel plans. It's on my to-do list for when I go back. For me personally I think I'd prefer to go in winter when there is snow on the roof-tops of the farmhouses.
    Sanmachi from your other post also looks like a great place to visit.