My trip report 1 -Gifu-

I had three days off in a row last weekend and traveled to Gifu prefecture.
It was my first trip alone:)
Gifu prefecture is just center of Japan,it takes 5 and half hours to places I want to go by bus from Tokyo.

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The reason I choose bus was because I didn't have much of money and it almost the same time to use fast train(Shin-kan-sen) as a bus.

1st day,I was supposed to get a bus I booked to Gifu at 6 am at Shinjuku station.
But I missed the bus because I got off wrong subway station and lost a way.
That was my biggest mistake in this trip.
Shinjuku is the most crowded city in Tokyo.
There are too many people and high buildings,all of them always make me confused.
I got off a station with name of "West Shinjuku station".Actually the station I had to get off was "Shinjuku station" and then go to west exit of the station.
I walked between these areas and lost my way..
The town is very fun at night though,it's incredibly messy area.
A lot of garbage were everywhere and big black crows were flying above my head...
Some of them were eating garbage,even there were few dead bieds by them....
I was thinking to give up this trip and go to Korean sauna near here.

A fashion school in Shinjuku

Finally,the time was already 7:30 I could arrived a bus center.
I could book next bus leaving at 9:00XD

However a massive traffic jam already started.
It takes 5 and half hour usually though,I was in a bus for 8 hours.
Fourtunately,that was a girl next me.I was glad.But I'm not a pervert.

Sorry this artcle is long and I'm too excited even though the trip isn't still start.
If you don't have things to do,please read next one.(I'll update soon....)
I promise to show you beautiful pictures.

Thank you for reading:))
See you soon//


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I found it from interpals, but couldn't send you a mail there as I am living in Japan.

  2. Thank you for a comment:)
    You live in Japan!
    Yes,I don't accept any messages from Japanese in interPals because I'd like to improve my English.
    But I'm glad you write something here:)

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  4. Hello I'm Gira.
    Your blog are wonderful, that you show japan to a foreigner,
    keep it up writing.
    i wait for your next journey.
    Are you travel next weekend too?

  5. Hi Gira,

    Thank you for your warm comment on my blog:)
    Unfortunately I don't have any plans for next trip yet.But I'm going to back to my hometown in this weekend.
    So I will be able to show you another place outside of Tokyo soon:)