Tanabata night

The 7th of July is special day in Japan(and probably China and Korea too...tanabata for details..)
This day is my second favorite day of a year.First is New year's eve!Well,,,

I really like this traditional story of the day.
It's important and only day to meet Ori-hime(princess) and Hiko-boshi(prince) on a milky way of a year.
That's so romantic,isn't it?

Unfortunately,last night was raining.We though they could meet without any problems.Because they may lost their way because of much of clouds.

And some people write their wish on strips of colorful paper and hang them from a bamboo branches.
Like this:

The shrine I visited was "Tokyo-Dai-Jin-Gu".

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Before wishing,we have stand in line for praying.
There were many women because the shrine was said to be good for love(relationship?).
So if you want to marry there,it's possible:)

Actually I didn't write this,but I felt the same way.

--I wish tomorrow is also fine as always--

Thank you for reading:)

P.S.I'm going to visit outside of Tokyo next weekend!I can't wait it:D

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