My trip report 2 -Gifu-

My trip was only 2 days and went to 2 places,old private houses town(Sanmachi) and Historic village(Shirakawago).
1st day,the main event was walking around sanmachi.
Unfortunately,I arrived there few hours behind schedule(the reason is last article),and at that time almost shops already closed.
I wanted to try to eat soy sauce soft-serve ice cream though,I gave up and eat normal one.
This is not that bad,isn't it?
It was first food since I ate sandwich 8 hours ago.

Sanmachi is very small town and build about 400 years ago at the time of Edo Period.
Even now,this town conserved and there are old houses along a narrow street.

I enjoyed walking this street few times even though it was very hot day.
I was too tired to walk more,so I went to a hotel to take a break.But I didn't have nothing to do there alone.
I went to sanmachi again at the night.

This area is famous for Japanese rice wine.
If I could drink alcohol,my trip would be more interesting.
This day,I ate only ice cream,chocolate and coke(not pepsi).That's not different from my normal day.
I realized like to eat with someone.Just eating is boring for me.

A hot spring in my hotel was nice.I could see down to the town during taking a bath.
I went to bed to get up early next morning.

To be continued 2nd day later.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice town, nice shots and I find nice your experience during this last trip. Can you tell me please the cost of the single room per night at this hotel??? I am looking for information, as I told you before I will be in Japan at the end of November for around 15 days!!!!! By the way, which brand and model camera do you use?


  2. Thanks for your comment again;)
    I could stay the hotel for 10.000yen.There were many cheaper hotels,but I wanted to take a hot spring.
    I'm still beginner for photos though,I'm glad you said like that:)
    My camera is Ricoh GR digital Ⅲ.Here: http://www.ricoh.com/r_dc/gr/gr_digital3/
    New model:GR digital Ⅳ was already released.So I could buy one a bit cheaper.I was lucky:D