Japanese characters

I always thought there were few designed Japanese characters in my PC.
When I make something with Japanese,I can't choose nice one.
Finally,I chose an alphabet characters if I didn't want to use it.

The other day,I listened about it by a person who works at a designed Japanese characters company.
Then I realized it was really really difficult to make new design of them.
At first,it officially needs 23,058 characters to publish.


And it takes over 5 years to commercialize.

Japanese usually use Hiragana,katakana and kanji.
I used to practice a lot to write them as a child,and the most difficult was kanji,of course.
Because there are over 100,000 and it doesn't stop.
We had a lesson to only write characters with ink brush.I just wrote them for an hour.
It was like a punishment for me><

A designer writes only one character many times by hand as above photo.
I can't imagine someone works this process about 30,000 times.Awesome...

I will always treasure this beautiful characters after knowing about it.

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