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The other day just before rainy season,I went out to Ebisu for some drinks.This is one of Shibuya towns,next to Daikan-yama(I showed there last time).
There are much of young and stylish people compare to Yurakucho or Shimbashi I often go.Later is popular for middle aged people.
Company types and people differ depending on towns,I like to go different places and watch people there.
I didn't see many travelers in Ebisu though there are many foreign people who don't have cameras or rucksacks,so I thought they seem to live here.
There are many embassies around there,and different kinds of international restaurants.It's fun for me but travelers are not interested in it,I think.
I also don't eat Korean food in Europe although I try to eat Japanese food in other countries:P 

First of all,driking at an international delicatessen bar in Ebisu Garden Place.
I tried couscous,something like rice in Greece at first time.....I don't remember detail....

My friend reserved a table around 10pm,and we started to drink just after finished work.
Walk around the town,and then had a light dinner in small bistro,named Bistro in Paris.What a simple name.And also the taste was simple and good.
I'm often confused about difficult and unknown dish name in French style restauant.I don't know it well even though they are written by Japanese.
But the cassoulet was great:)))I was already enoght to eat.

I saw nice view from terrace at last Mexican restaurant.I'm into Mexican food recently,I enjoyed tortilla and tequila.

Unlucky it was cold to stay outside longer.So we changed to downstairs bar and had hot wine at last.
Any way,it's not easy to take pictures at night and with getting a little drunk.

See you until next time:)

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