It's been a while again-_-
I had lots of things last month,something good,something bad..There was a short vacation in beginning of this month,but I didn't go anywhere for almost a week.I mean,I had not left from Tokyo.Recently I'm tired of around my place.I live in east of Tokyo,it's old and quiet area.And in west area,there are many kinds of restaurants,bars and shops.So I wanted  to show you about it soon(probably...)

Today I write about Meal MUJI.I know there are MUJI shops abroad,but are they sell  only products?Any way,it's okay Meal MUJI has tastes.I thought the food was not good because MUJI is simple bland.But meal I choose was nice and I could choose from many kinds of food.

It was fun to choose from showcase.There were Japanese dish,Italian,French(only quiche) and ethnic foods:)))Children in front of me looked excited:)I know the feelings.Even though I already decided my menu:p

This fried chicken with chili sauce was very good.Also I liked this dessert,hoji-cha pudding.Hoji-cha is roasted tea and it's bitter than green tea.I've eaten this pudding before in Japanese style bar.It's good to eat after dinner.Normal pudding is heavy a little bit.But it's good to eat it around 3pm:)

MUJI shop I went was:

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See you soon:)))))

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