A small town in Shibuya

Recently I spend weekends in west area of Tokyo.I'm less familiar with there before because my living and working places are east.
I've been living the same place for about 4 years and I want to look around different places.
But there are lots of people in the famous Shibuya and Shinjuku ,I don't like crowds and also young people make noise in bars.
So I've been going to more calm and adlut area.
But actually I didn't like there very much in teenager,there are noothing I could buy or want,I could not pay around tens of thousands of yen for only a shirt at that time:/
Well,it's the same as now:P
Actually I go this area to find interesting books and eat good food:)I love book store,I really often go to Maruzen in Marunouchi.If I can't find books I need in Maruzen,there is nowhere else for me to want.But that day was sunny Sunday and I wanted to have lunch in nice restaurant after book store.There are many cafes and restaurants with terrace:)I love it even though I hate sunburn-_-

Any way,I enjoy just to walk around this town,Daikan-yama.It's one of towns in Shibuya.

Walk in few mintes from Daikan-yama station,there are 3 white buildings,they are book stores.
Detail is here:Tsutaya shoten

There are a lot of T of Tsutaya on walls.I love simple and funny design like this.
I looked for guide books for this summer trip,but some women thought the same as me,they were already in front of Europe book shelf.So I gave up book,and went to restaurant for lunch at first.Unfortunately,it was already late.I had to wait over 60 minutes>_<  Although I usually don't wait over 20 minutes,I told my number because I thought I could stay in book store!And also there are sofas outside,everyone looked relaxed.

Reading books and talking outside and having a nice lunch and then eating gelato at last.That was perfect Sunday:)

It beginning rainy season in Tokyo from today,I miss the terrace sofa already.
I'm going to hiking to Kamikochi in this weekend.I hope it doesn't rain for that only 2 days.

See you soon.

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