Poor Wi-fi country,Japan+trip to Korea

I'm writing this in Starbucks,Ginza.I cut my hair for the first in 2 months today and feel so good.
I don't like common hairdresser who talk to me too much,but I found nice quiet person.
Any way,why am I in Starbucks because I can get free wi-fi here.Some people may think it take for granted,but there is a few places to get it for free in Japan.
Of course,McDonald's is okay though I don't wanna go there everytime I want to use my laptop because I can't stop to buy french fries all the time.
Cheap foods make people unhealthy...but sometimes have a sudden urge for them,,i don't know why:/

I've heard it's easy to find free wi-fi in Korea.So when I traveled there,I brought only my cell-phone,,,but that was the beginning of a tragedy.

I had to meet a friend fron Japan in Seoul,and all I know was only her LINE account.
I promised to meet her at a hotel,but another friend and I fell asleep when she supposed to be there.But she seemed not to be coming yet.
If both she and I could use internet at that time,we would be able to meet up sooner.
But we couldn't connect to LINE and didn't know phone number to each other somewhere we were not familiar with.
So we left the hotel and waited her in cold frosty (it was winter) bus stop from an airport.It was around 0:00 at night,many people seemed to get drunk and said something in a loud voice.I was a little sacared because I had no idea what they said.About an hour later,my friend came to us by subway without any problems.

Next time when I will go abroad,I should bring wifi router...
I always lost my way,it will help me;)

Tomorrow is Friday!I'm going to have mexcican dinner;)))))

See you soon>_<

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