Hiking in Kamikochi

It's  a sunny week here in Tokyo even though the weather forecast reported that rainy season has already began.Last weekend,I went to Kamikochi with my family.This is one of my favorite places in my country.It was majestic.
Detail is here:Kamikochi

I've been here many times so far.I went there by car this time,it took me 5 hours to travel from my place,Tokyo.
My parents picked me up at 4 am.I love spending my time in a car eating my mother's best packed meal ever prepared like fried chicken and rice bowls:))She actually got up at 2 am just to prepare our meal.haha..While she started cooking,I went to bed.
Going back to the trip,we arrived at the bus stop heading to Kamikochi.We couldn't enter the vicinity with the use of our car because it was not allowed.This is to protect nature from harmful gas exhaustion.

Upon Arriving at Kamikochi bus terminal,walking along the Azusa river for few minutes and then we reached the famous point,kappa-bashi bridge.
For few details,please see the link below:
Kamikochi is a popular place surrounded by mountains and people come to enjoy hiking and climbing in this area.
Some people bring their backpacks and stay in the mountain overnight.Camping is not only in the mountains,but we also enjoy it near the Azusa river.
I stayed a hotel near the kappa-bashi bridge.
First day,we walked to Myojin-pond from the bridge along the river.It was a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Back to the kappa-bashi bridge and after check in a hotel,we enjoyed coffee time with delicious cake:)))
My family eat the same cheese cake every time at Gosenjaku hotel.I choose mascarpone and strawberry mousse:)))

By the way,there are many kappa around here.I've never seen them of course,because they are unidentified creature.

I've never seen anything like this...

Next early morning,I walked along the river again.The air was so fresh.

And I ate nice Japanese breakfast after walking.After check out the hotel,we walked to Taisho-pond.

At last I found lovely flowers like an illustration.

I spent very relaxed time there.Kamikochi is not close to Tokyo though,it would certainly be worth it.But anyone can't go into there during winter,so you should remember this:)

See you until next!


  1. Kamikochi looks beautiful on your post. I want to go there the next time I visit Japan. And road trip with your parents? I envy you.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes,i went to Kamikochi with my parents.It was nice trip:)