So tired

Last Friday,I asked my best friend to go out for some drinks.
We had a drink in business district,Marunochi.The building we went named "Shin-Marunouchi building" is in front of the Tokyo station.
About Marunouchi:Detail , Marunouchi.com

On Fridays, it is fun to hang out on the 7th floor of this building. 
There, you can see some bars, restaurants and a wide terrace where you can enjoy staying.
There are plenty of tables and chairs available everywhere so you can have a drink and eat some foods wherever you like.

This floor system is designed for customers who'd like to choose where to buy their foods and drinks.
So it's possible that you can drink a Japanese rice wine  and eat an Italian food at the same time.(if you want to)

The title, So Tired, is actually the restaurant's name.At first, it may sound negative, right?
It must be very funny to imagine when a staff picks up a phone and says, "Hello, this is SO TIRED"
Please see the link below;

If you have the chance to come and visit the place,I recommend you to have a drink at the terrace to see the beautiful flashing lights from the buildings outside.
When I had a drink in the terrace, I was thinking that a lot of people are still working because of the lights coming from the building while I enjoy my drink. 

Until next time! See you again!


  1. Your blog is great, Ayumi! I will definitely look for these places on my next trip to Tokyo with my girlfriend, I have always been staying in the north-eastern part of Tokyo. I'm looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I hope you'll enjoy Tokyo!


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