The Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

Recently I've been pretty busy.
I didn't write any thing here,yet I stayed at a hotel on weekday and took pictures.
The place I went was The Tokyo Disney Land hotel.
The hotel is the newest one around this area.
Actually I was not excited to go there because I've been to the Disney Land a lot of times since I was a child.Even though I've been there after high school with my best friends.It was near from my home town.

However I couldn't stop taking pictures of there,because the hotel was really cute.

All photos were taken by my cell-phone.I used photosynth very often.
When I met with my friend,she told me this application.I could take 360° pictures:D

In this hotel,there were many huge fan of Disney.Some of people were wearing Mickey Mouse ear hats or another character's hats.
I got used to see them because I always used a train through the Disney land as a teenager.
It was funny because there were people wearing Disney something and after-work businesspeople at the same time inside the train:)

Next morning,I went to a window as soon as waking up.

I was impressed there was the Cinderella Castle in front of me.

Then few hours later,I was in my workplace.
Finally,I came back to earth:-)

Thank you for reading.

Have a great weekend!

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