Sauna spa @ Shinjuku

Probably this article is not interesting for men.
Today,I went to sauna in Shinjuku(actually it's in Shin-Okubo)
Recently I'm into Korean sauna;)Last month,I went the same place with my best friend.
We spent 4 hours to take bath,sauna,eat Korean lunch and rest in great terrace.

I was looking forward to go there since yesterday,I arrived the entrance too early.
The sauna's web site says they open for 24 hours.
But they seem to have cleaning time while 8:00-11:00 am.I didn't know that*o*
I wanted to take a bath immediately because I didn't wash my hair last night!

Anyway,when I took bathes and saunas,I felt like to be in heaven:)))))
In this sauna I went,there are 2 bathes and 4 kinds of saunas.
They are hot sauna,steam,herb and rock. 

I love the herb sauna which is only 60℃.

I read a book inside there and then I slept for 50 minutes without thinking.
My body was full of sweat when I woke up.But I didn't see nightmare.
I don't remember that detail though,it was happy dream because Leonardo DiCaprio in his young days appeared in my dream;)

I was surprised when I saw a woman inside there read a book last time.This time,I tried to do that and it was fine.
Also I was shocked to see a woman use cell-phone inside there!!!
Is that okay for machine???
I didn't try to do that.I think I can't touch my iPhone because my hands got wetting.

I took sauna bath again and again,after that I rested in terrace.
Of course,I was wearing sauna cloth even though that was soaking wet:/
The wind on 8th floor was very comfortable.

4 hours had quickly passed,and then I went to Shinjuku city.
Way to a department,I was in famous "host club" town,called "Kabuki cho".
Nevertheless day time,there were many young men in front of the entrances.
But nobody talked to me.Why?
They might think I didn't have enough money.....Or the time was not open yet.

I wanted manicure and went to big department which was full of people.
I gave up to find my favorite shop..
Finally I could buy it in Ginza and have a seat in cafe I often come.

Shinjuku is too big and crowded,the town always makes me tired.
I wish the Korean sauna would open near my house sometime soon..

Thank you for reading:)

Have a nice weekend//

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