Sunday @ Yoyogi park

12:00 pm on Sunday at Harajuku station.
The weather was fine and 21℃.That was very good day for picnic.
Usually I don't want to go for just a picnic by train.
There were many people at Harajuku station.

I met here with my friends and their dog and child.

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There were many kinds of people,dancing people,singing people..
People who play guitar and play badminton,,,,
I was surprised when I saw dancing group who were wearing maid clothes.
That was so Harajuku.
Around this park,there is Harajuku and Shibuya.
It would be good when you feel tired of the crowds.
I always feel that when I go shopping these towns.
But today I could find an oasis:D
And today I decided to have a dog(one day..):)
I prefer cats though,I can't have them because I'm allergic to them...
I was fine even though I was by poodle all day.So I can have a dog!

Thank you for reading:))


  1. You always seem to have great adventures, 亜由美さん! It's very inspiring!

  2. To Ben:))

    Yes,it was like an adventure to go to around Shibuya for me,because there were a lot of weird people><
    But it was fun;)